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VG Dongky - Clean & Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

VG Dongky is a modern and minimal, easy-to-use and effective, aesthetic and appealing, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. VG Dongky is a clean, purposeful, highly intuitive website builder that has been carefully crafted with the most potent premium plugins, including Visual Composer, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, MailChimp and much more, readily integrated into a concise visual interface which allows you to edit layouts, settings, shortcodes and more in real time.

VG Dongky – Overview:

  • 4 Unique Theme Layouts (with 4 Presets Color for each layout)
  • Free Lifetime updates!
  • WordPress 4.5+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.6+ Ready
  • WPML Ready (.pot files included)
  • SEO Optimised
  • Visual Composer – $34 saved
  • Mega Main Menu – $15 saved
  • VG WooCarousel – $17 saved
  • VG PostCarousel – $15 saved
  • Revolution Slider – $19 saved
  • Product Quick View, Product Compare and Ajax Wishlist ready!
  • Online Documentation –
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
  • Child Theme included
  • Demo content included!

We have a dedicated support center for all of your support needs. It includes our Documentation, Community Forum and an advanced Ticket System for any questions you have. We usually get back to you within 14-16 hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer). Use our theme you will never working alone!


To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress. Please refer to WordPress documentation for further instructions. You can download the latest version of WordPress here

  • WordPress 3.8 to 4.5
  • PHP 5.3.29 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • Apache mod_rewrite module musts be enabled
  • This theme is tested under Mac, Windows and Linux.

Compatible Browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera

Free Support

All of our items come with free support, and we have an advanced ticket system to handle your requests. Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins. If you need help with anything other than minor customizations of your theme, we suggest enlisting the help of a developer.

How To Receive Free Support
  • Step 1 – Go to Ticket System ( and Click Submit a ticket.
  • Step 2 – Provide all requires information: Product Name, Purchase Code, your username on and URL to your page to verify your license.
  • Step 3 – Provide more details about the problem, descibe, screenshot ...
  • Step 4 – Submit ticket and wait our response (within 14-24 hours)

How to find your ThemeForest Item Purchase Code

To find your licence key/purchase code you need to log into your ThemeForest account and go to your Downloads page.
Locate some of the Themes Kingdom themes you purchased in your Downloads list and click on the Download and next on the License Certificate & purchase code link in drop-down menu.
After you have downloaded the certificate you can open it in a text editor such as Notepad and copy the Item Purchase Code.

Getting Started

Download Package from TF

After purchased our theme, you need to go your download area, click on button Download and select download All files & documentation.

Extract Package

After download completed, you need unzip package and select the way you want to install the theme. We provide 3 options to install and use the theme and you just need select one: Install Quickstart Package, Install the theme and import sample data and Install the theme for already website.

Install Theme

Install the theme and import sample data

Helpful when you going to build new website

Install WordPress first

You can read more at here :

Install by Uploading Zip File
  • Step 1 – Login to your admin page.
  • Step 2 – Navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  • Step 3 – Click Add New

  • Step 4 – Then click Upload Theme.
  • Step 5 – Next, Browse to the zip file and click Install now for the theme to be uploaded and installed.
  • Step 6 – After done installing, click Activate the theme


You need install all required plugins after install parent theme. You should only install Child theme after complete install all required plugin. Click here to see how to install child theme

You can follow this video:

Upload Theme via FTP

Using a FTP software like File Zilla or CuteFTP to upload the theme files to your WordPress site.

The first, extract the theme file "", you will have a folder "dongky" include all theme files and folders (css, images, fonts...).

Upload "dongky" folder to your WordPress folder in this relative path: /wp-content/themes/

After all files are uploaded, Login to Dashboard then go to Appearence - Theme, click on "Active" button of "VG dongky" theme to active it.

Install Plugins

You can follow this video:

Sample Data

We can import content for projects, contact form,..

Login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Tools - Import. Click on WordPress link on the table then click Install Now button on popup window to install WordPress Importer.

Click on Activate Plugin & Run Importerlink to begin

Click "Browse..." button and select XML files in "sample-data/exported_files" folder. :

  • contact-form.xml: This is exported file of Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • projects.xml: This is exported file of Projects plugin.
  • all-content.xml: This is exported of many content, includes posts, pages, products, contact form, menus. You can ignore this file if you website has already content.

Click on Upload file and import button

On the next interface, select existing user on dropdown, check on Download and import file attachments to download sample images.

Click on Submit button to import.

All the content blocks are for sample, after importing finished, you have to edit them. Go to Content Blocks menu to see all, click on each block to edit.

If the process Import Data fails , you can import the data again

You can follow this video:

Install the theme for already website

You need to install the theme as instructed above : Install the theme

How To Update The Theme

This method requires more steps and manual work. First, you need to manually download the new theme package from your ThemeForest account. Once you have the new theme package, you can choose to upload the theme via WordPress or via FTP. Please see the information below for how to download new files, and install it via WordPress or via FTP.

How To Receive Free Support
  • Step 1 – Log into your ThemeForest account and navigate to your Downloads tab. Find the dongky theme purchase.
  • Step 2 – Click the Download button next to it and either choose to download the Installable WordPress Theme, which is just the WordPress file, or choose to download the Main Files which is the entire package that contains everything.
  • Step 3 – After downloading the files, you need to decide if you want to install the update via FTP or via WordPress. For directions on both methods, please continue reading below.
How To Update Your Theme Via FTP
  • Step 1 – Go to wp-content > themes folder location and backup your dongky theme folder by saving it to your computer, or you can choose to simply delete it. Your content will not be lost.
  • Step 2 – Retrieve the file from your new ThemeForest download and extract the file to get the updated dongky theme folder.
  • Step 3 – After extracting the updated dongky theme folder, simply drag and drop the new dongky theme folder into wp-content > themes folder location. Choose to Replace the current one if you did not delete the old dongky theme folder
  • Step 4 – Lastly, update the included plugins. You will see a notification message letting you know a new version of the plugins are available and need to be updated. Follow the onscreen prompts to update the plugins


If you upgrade through FTP, please visit your WP-admin so any new theme options can be registered. If you do not do this and also have wp-debug turned on, you may see php notices on the front end. They will disappear once you visit the WP admin.

How To Update Your Theme Via WordPress
  • Step 1 – You need to deactivate the current dongky theme located in the Appearance > Themes section by activating a different theme. Once you activate a different theme, you can delete the dongky theme. Dont worry, your content will not be lost.
  • Step 2 – Retrieve the new file from your ThemeForest download. If you downloaded the Main Files from ThemeForest, you need to unzip the archive file you received to get the file inside.
  • Step 3 – Upload the file to the Appearance > Themes section by clicking on the “Install Themes” tab at the top and then choosing to upload the zip file.
  • Step 4 – Once it finishes uploading, choose to activate the theme.
  • Step 5 – Lastly, update the included plugins. You will see a notification message letting you know a new version of the plugins are available and need to be updated. Follow the onscreen prompts to update the plugins

Using Theme

Front page

Go to Apperances -> Settings -> Reading

You can choose Home Shop 1 or 2,3,4 to Front Page as Demo Themes

Config in Front page


Login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance - Menus, create menus for this theme. If you are a WordPress beginer, you can read Menu document to know how to work with Menu.

You can follow this video:

Before creating a new menu, you can Create some Pages for portfolio, contact, blog, shop... this will help you create menu quickly.

Primary Menu

Select Main Menu to edit, Click to Primary Menu and Mobile Menu, Save Menu to finish

The Primary menu has a complex structure, with many levels of sub-menu. Create your own menu structure by drag and drop to make sub menus.

Or choose fast at here :

Now we need active Mega Main Menu for Primary Menu

Click on Mega Main Menu link

Check on primary then click on Save All Changes button.

Click to open Layout Options for primary, topmenu and

Uncheck on "Company Logo" and "Searchbox"

Check this option to make the menu sticky. Incompatible with the "Vertical" menu. Sticky do not working on mobile devices. If the menu will be is sticky on mobile devices when you open it - you can not click on the last item, because it will always be outside the screen.

Now go back to edit Primary Menu

To make a menu item has sub menus in multiple columns, click on menu item to open menu item settings and select Submenu Type is Multicolumns Dropdown, select Side of Dropdown Elements and Submenu Columns.

Top Menu

You can add icons for menu very easy:

Category Product Menu

Important Configure

You must choose Direction = Vertical to like as our demo.

And configure item menu as below:

And configure in Widget:


We includes the popular Revolution Slider Created By ThemePunch. This slider is a beautifully animated slider that is 100% responsive and has some amazing options. We cannot cover everything here but we outline how to setup a slider and how to add slides to it. We also include a video tutorial walk through.

View Documentation From ThemePunch

Please watch this video to know how to import sample sliders.


To create widgets for this theme quickly, we use a tool to import all widgets from exported files in sample-data/exported_files folder.

Login to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Tools - Widget Importer & Exporter

Click on "Browse..." or Choose File button then select dongky-widgets.wie, click on Import Widgets to finish.

After importing widgets, we need go to update some widgets like menu, slider. Go to Apperances - Widgets

You can follow this video:

Configure Bottom Widget


Go to Posts > Add New to add new post

Under Post Format, you can add various types of item to your post :

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Quote

For more detailed information on how to work with posts, categories, tags, please go to


In this guide, we will create some of pages for your store like home page, blog page, shop page, about us page, contact page...

Go to Pages - Add New, enter page title and select template is Home Shop 1 Template

For the page content, open "sample-date/pages" folder in this package, open a "home-[page name].txt" and copy content. Click on "CLASSIC MODE" and click on "Text" tab to switch to HTML mode, paste content there and click Publish to save page.

Go to Settings - Reading, select "A static page" in "front page displays" then select your page in dropdown.


To get a shortcode, for example Accordion, you can go to: adminPagesAccordion & Toogles

Theme Options

Or you can use the "Customize", it is easy to use


In General tab, we can upload Logo images and change Body Background for the website. We recommend logo image in .PNG file format for all logo images.


In this tab, we can change the content of ShareThis/AddThis.


In this tab, we can change the Menu Mobile for website.


In this tab, we can change Image Payment , Copyright.

Social Icons


In this tab, we can change the content of Newsletter.

The form ID of MailPoet plugin.


In this tab, we can change color for theme.


Click on Layout tab, in this tab, we can select page layout is Full Width or Box.


Click on Sidebar tab to change position for each sidebar. Just select Left or Right position for sidebars.


Brand Logos

In this Tab , we can upload Brand logos and links.


In this tab, change Category View Layout, Banner Header Category and Use hidden meta tags, category, SKU ...

Mini Cart


Single Product


In this tab, you can configure Loading option, Less Compiler, Custom CSS, Custom JS.

Less Compiler

This theme use Less technology to compile all theme options with .less files into CSS files.

Enable Less Compiler: Turn this option on to make sure all theme options are effected. Only turn it off when you do not change any theme options. When this option is turned off, the theme does not compile .less files, that make server run abit faster.



Custom CSS Paste your CSS code here.

Custom JS Paste your JS code here.

Loading Page

Configure Plugins

Contact Form

Use this plugin to make the contact form on contact page. Navigate to Contact - Contact Forms, there is a form named Contact form, if you want to create a new form, click on Add New button.

Click on the form title to edit form, copy this code and paste into Form box:

<div class="contact-input">
<div class="contact-subject">
[text your-subject placeholder "Subject"]
<div class="contact-info">
<div class="contact-name">
[text* your-name placeholder "Name (required)"]
<div class="contact-email">
[email* your-email placeholder "Email (required)"]
<div class="contact-message">
[textarea your-message placeholder "Message"]
<div class="contact-submit">[submit class:button "Submit Form"]</div>
view raw pisces-contact.xml hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Newsletter (MailPoet)

Use this plugin to make the newsletter sign up form on footer. Navigate to MailPoet. Click on Thanks! Now take me to MailPoet. to start using this plugin. Click on Settings link

On Basics tab, enter your email in Email notifications and choose other options.

Click on Forms tab, there is a form named Subscribe to our Newsletter, move mouse over it and click on Edit link to edit this newsletter sign up form

Move mouse over Email * and click on Edit display button

Select "Yes" on Display label within input then click on "Done" button


This is a powerful plugin for managing your store. It has a lot of functions that required to run your store effectively.

For more detailed information, please visit for demo, extensions, documentation and other goodies to enhance your store

Products Compare

Navigate to YIT Plugins -> Compare.

Products Wishlist

Navigate to YIT Plugins -> Wishlist.

Zoom Magnifier

Navigate to YIT Plugins -> Magnifier.


Go to Projects - Add New to create a new page for portfolio/projects, only enter page title and click "Publish" button.

Go to Projects - Settings, select "Projects Page" in dropdown and click "Save Changes" button. Click on "Images" tab to set image size like this

Visual Composer

Visual Composer can be configured here.

For more detailed information, please visit Visual Composer.

VG WooCarousel

When option choose done please publish VG WooCarousel as like post and then copy short-code form "Woocommerce Products Carousel Options" Shortcode area. you can use this short-code in page content or for php file you can use php code.

VG PostCarousel

When option choose done please publish VG PostCarousel as like post and then copy short-code form "VG PostCarousel Options" Shortcode area. you can use this short-code in page content or for php file you can use php code.

Search - Ajax AutoSuggest

Configure in Setting


You must enter Full Search URL: domain/?s=%q%&post_type=product

Add widget


How to Override CSS?

You can override css by 3 ways below :

1. Use Custom Css in ThemeOptions

2. Use custom.less file :

- First you need to add file custom.less in to the directory: ROOT/wp-content/themes/vg-dongky/less/

- Then you must include new css file to our template by follow : Open theme.less file and add the following line of code to the end of file: "@import 'custom';"

- Now you can override css of we by add code css in to custom.less file

Why you should write your css in custom.less file ?

You can edit css by edit in theme management or modify in any other css files. But when you update the latest theme from us, your css edited will lose. Our system file will overwrite all.

==> Therefore we advise you to write css in file custom.less for the theme update does not affect the css great that you have created

3. Install Child theme and override css in file: /wp-content/themes/vg-dongky-child/style.css

How to Modify Theme?

Use Child Themes to Modify Theme

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme.

Why use a Child Theme?

There are a few reasons why you would want to use a child theme:

  • If you modify a theme directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.
  • Using a child theme can speed up development time.
  • Using a child theme is a great way to learn about WordPress theme development.

How to use a Child Theme?

In this theme, we offer you a sample Child Theme ( You install it like normal theme.

But you can create your own Child Theme form by following the instructions below

Link instructions How to Create a Child Theme

You can follow this video:

Over 20000 customers use our themes!

Thank You

Once again, thank you so much for using this theme. If you have a more general question relating to the theme, you might consider visiting the our forum: or send email to address: